The 3 Stooges

I'm sure many people are familiar with these 3 and their very popular shows. I remember watching them when I was still a lot younger. I just don't remember how old I was.

The little one is kinda' obssessed with them right now. I think she saw some of their shows on TV a few months ago with Dad and that's when it started. When we went to Walmart one time, we got her a DVD of the show. She's been watching it over and over again since then. She really laughs out loud when she's watching them.

Every morning she does a lap on the elliptical. Guess what? She does it on the time that an episode of '3 stooges' is on AMC. Yep, she's that big of a fan of these 3 slapsticks and from the looks of it, it will stay like that for a while.


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