This may come as a big surprise to some...but I don't have a cellphone. Some may ask why...and my answer is simple....I don't need one. I am a WAHM which means I am home for the most part which also means I can be reached through my home phone. I used to have one in my former life since I was working outside the house then. But even back then, it took a while before I got one. I didn't see the need for it as well. My reasoning then was if it's really important, then I can be reached through my home phone. But social pressure got into me and so I got one. After that, it was almost impossible for me to go out the house without it. It's like a lifeline of some kind. But that was then.

Today I am cellphone free...well, sort of. Hubby has one and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like to be able to contact him whenever I want to...and vice versa. He used to be a big Nokia fan. Then he switched to Blackberry. He's been with the same provider for more than 10 years so it would be easy for him to get new phones without paying anything but he refuses to do that. He'd rather buy one on his own instead of being tied down with a contract. He's had his phone for years now and he's considering in replacing it soon. He may buy iphone this time because he's been hearing a lot of good things about it. As for me, I may not be cellphone-free for long. I'm thinking of getting one if and when I decide to finally go out there and learn the 'D' word....aka...driving. Woot!


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