Cyrstal Grandfather Clock

The latest addition to my curio. I actually got this about 2 months ago. The first one was defective. The minute hand does not go past 5:30 so the seller had to send me another one. Between the time I purchased it to the time I got the one that works, almost a month passed already. Thankfully, it's not a gift or anything or it would have been very frustrating.

The seller didn't want me to send the defective one back probably because they had to pay for the shipping back so I still have it. Hubby said we can probably get a new machine for the clock and it'll probably be work. I haven't had the chance to look for the machine but if we get it fixed, then I'll have 2 of thse babies...LOL. I have the defective one displayed in the china cabinet in the dining room right now....tee hee.

Next in my list....a crystal baby piano. We have this mini [very mini] fiddle/violin in the curio so I thought a little piano will go along nicely with it. Before we know it we will have a mini-orchestra in our curio. Ha!


Ciela said…
What a deal! Buy one take one! ha ha.. Attractive clock pa!

Will look forward to one day listen to a mini symphony orchestra concert, in your curio cabinet! he he...

Happy Velantines Huling!
J said…
good deal ka niyan, at I always thought when you send something back kahit defective, you pay the shipping to return it. and M's idea is brilliant. replace lang the brain and I'm sure the defective piece will work.

happy hearts day to you too. saan ang date?

I'm still sick. lalo ako tuloy ninerbyos sa comment mo but at least I took care of the new appointment with my Dr. today. I can no longer take it. I'm just glad that I can get squeezed in tomorrow at 11:00. ang tagal na akong hindi lumabas kasi I'm scared that I get another attack. but even without heading out, I suffer everyday. kahit Afrin nga addicted na yata ako, just so I can breath easy. si F kinakabahan at baka cold(ginaw) allergy daw. and it's possible kasi there's a kid in upstate who suffers from one but the effect on her is hives. eh di ba may hives din ako year round kaya addict na rin ako sa Zyrtec. if it is indeed, maraming magbabago.

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