Down Memory Lane

It's been a slow day today so I've been browsing FB. A friend and former co-teacher posted some not-so-new pictures...antiques if you may....from way back when we were still teaching in the same school. What can I say...spray net was abundant during those years because my hair was through the roof ~ literally. I think I was pushing 6 ft tall because of how high my 'fringe' was. Fortunately this picture I'm posting does not show that.

But the fringe or the 'bangin' bangs' was almost trampled by my glasses though ~ shades or sunglasses. This pair was so big you could barely see my face. But then again, if you compare them with how big the sunglasses are today....those were actually tiny. But still...I looked like an 'outcast' dragonfly ... really! Basing on how big my smile was in those pictures I probably thought I looked really cool then, eh? The horror! LOL...

I'm glad that my friend posted the pictures though. I'm sure our former students [who are in our friends' list] are probably having a ball making fun of us. But who's all for fun...I hope? I'm sure there will be more pictures coming...and I must say I can't wait to see them. I have my own collection actually...I just don't have them in my possession right now. Maybe in the future I can post my own 'revenge'.....err memories....


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