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Another tough night for me as far as falling asleep is concerned. I have no clue what’s causing it but I’m getting tired [and IS very tired] of it. Since it’s the weekend anyway I slept in until a little bit later this morning. The husband knew I didn’t get enough sleep last night so he closed the door when he went out knowing the little one will just march in there if he didn’t. I kept waking up though so it’s like I didn’t really sleep in. At around 9:30 my 2 ward came in to see if I was awake…and I was. We spent a few minutes chatting until I decided to get up to make some breakfast.

While I was preparing breakfast, the husband was busy window shopping for a laptop. He’s thinking of getting one to replace his old PC. This time, he wants to get a Mac. That’s been the plan if he gets rid of the PC. We’re not buying one anytime soon but he wants to know what to expect if he decides to switch from PC to a Mac. This would be our first Mac if ever and we know we need to get a lot of other things along with like a DVD Ripper Mac since we’ll definitely need it to rip DVDs to a different format using this new computer. Aside from that, a Video Converter mac will also be in order since our video cam is only compatible with a PC.

Buying a Mac is probably a good step for us right now although we can’t deny the fact that when we buy one, it's obvious that we’re also buying a whole bunch of other things along with it since it’s not compatible with a lot of other things that we’re using. We know that a DVD Ripper is not the only one we need for it if ever we go forward with it but it may be worth it in the long run. I am not thinking of switching myself. My job requires me to use a software and the software company hasn’t come up with one that’s compatible with a Mac yet. So even if I want to switch myself, I just can’t do it yet. Maybe in the near future…


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