Early Start

For a change...

I was able to go to bed and fall asleep at a decent time last night so I was up earlier than usual this morning. I normally get up before 8 [the perk of being a WAHM] which was becoming really hard due to my problem falling asleep but this morning I was able to get up around 7 with no problem. Yay!

I was able to make the little one some porridge for breakfast before she even got up and I was able to have breakfast myself all before 8 in the morning. I was also able to do my 30-minute elliptical 'duty'....err work-out already. And I don't feel sluggish at all. I guess a good night sleep really makes all the difference, eh?

Right now I'm just reading some adapexin reviews online...not for me but for my nephew who *thinks* he may need to take some of it to lose his unwanted belly. He used to be a gym rat but he stopped going when school got busy. How busy? He was going to medical school and taking a masters degree in Education at the same time. I guess it became overwhelming that he had to stop going to the gym...and started not watching his diet. I have no idea how big he has become but I'm hoping not that big...although I'm guessing he may be because of his plan to take some kind of a drastic measure to lose the pounds. Oh well...I'm hoping it will all be just plans. I'd rather he loses the weight the old fashion way...exercise and diet. But that's up to him...and he's no longer a child so he can make his own decisions already.


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