Sleep that is. I've been battling with it for the last few nights. I thought I knew what's making it hard to catch it at night but I may be wrong. Well, maybe not totally. For the last few weeks I've been working late again. Most of those late night 'works' are usually writing. Unlike my other work/s I have to think more when I write since I'm not really a 'writer' It just does not come easy to me so I really have to sit down and motivate myself to come up with something. The problem is when I'm finally motivated, it's hard to shut down my brain. That's when I have a hard catching the elusive sleep. I would toss and turn for hours some nights before I doze off. I tried to stop working an hour or so before bedtime the past couple of nights but I'm still having some troubles. I'm sure I'll be needing anti wrinkle creams and loads of it in no time if this 'sleeplessness' continues. I really don't like it because I like my sleep. Hopefully it's just a phase which I highly doubt because I'm too old to go through phases like this one but I can hope, right?


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