Who won't be? It's Valentine's day tomorrow? Let me clarify that...it's not me who is excited. Care to take a guess? It's the little one. who else? She keeps asking me if I'm excited it's Valentine's day tomorrow. My reply is usually...'yeah, sure.' LOL. I think she gets the hint because she'd stop asking me afterwards...only to repeat the question again after an hour or so. She's just really excited about it and we just let her be excited. We take pleasure in knowing she gets all worked up when something is coming up...it doesn't matter what it is. It can be Christmas or Canada day...and we're not even in Canada, eh?

Anyway, Daddy always gives her something on Valentine's Day. I think his very first gift for her besides a card were those heart-shaped candies that have little notes on them. She was thrilled to get those from him. Every year she looks forward to this little present from her 'Valentino'. Last year, got her and me a chocolate. This year, I have no clue. The card is a given...what goes with it is the little surprise. I have a little surprise for her myself actually. I got this hour glass necklace with diamond dust in it and I'm planning in giving it to her as a Valentine's gift. She's into jewelry right now so I'm pretty sure she'll be thrilled to get it.

How about you? Are excited yet for Valentine's Day?


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