Exercise Routine


It’s been almost 2 months since the holiday season ended. I bet a lot of people already forgot about it, eh? But not all is forgotten I’m sure as there are 2 things that would probably remind us of it for the months to come…bills [from all the shopping] and excess weight [from all the eating]. Both needs work to ‘fix’. If you ask me bills are easier to fix compared to weight. I like to work but I don’t like to work-out! It’s just so hard to get in the groove of working out everyday in order to shed those extra tires around our middle but something has to be done. There are weight loss pills we can turn to. But these are not for everybody…it’s just a fact. I for one would rather try exercising first and probably a little dieting before I turn to weight loss pills…but that’s just me. Many people have had successes in them so to each his own in this case.

As for me I’m trying to get into a routine when it comes to exercising. I’ve never been big on exercise because I was always thin…almost underweight actually. I was also quite healthy so I was never advised to exercise for health reasons either. But times changed…obviously. I am now a bit heavy. Not terribly heavy but heavier than I should be. I actually like my current weight pe se…I just don’t like where the excess weight is located…my middle & my thighs…and some on my chin. Now if the weight went to some other parts of my body, I’d probably be happier and wouldn’t have to consider taking some of the best weight loss pills I see being promoted everywhere. But such is not the case so I’m trying really hard to get into this exercise routine and hopes it works for me. If not…then it’s time to consider some other alternatives. Maybe.


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