I'm trying anyway. I think I'm on my second month already. It's not really exercising but more like 'ellitical-ing'. I know that's not a word...just trying to make it more fun? LOL. Anyway, I've been using the elliptical machine that Santa gave [okay, I demanded for it] me for Christmas. I've been trying to stay consistent and focused. It was really hard during the first few times. So hard that I actually attempted to use it several times before I finally stuck to it. I didn't think I would be able to stay on it for more than 5 minutes. I'm proud to say, I can stay on it for....drum rolls please....6 minutes now. LOL...kidding. I can now stay on it for 30 minutes. I can even stay longer if I want to but I have to get off at some point since I have things to do.

After more than a month of being on it, I see some little changes. Nothing to brag about but changes nonetheless. I have to admit thought that there are days when I feel like it's not working out for me since I still feel like I weigh the same. I'm tempted to just stop doing it and just read more about sensa reviews or try other faster ways to lose the weight but I get over it quick. I know that using the elliptical as well as exercising does not only make one lose weight, it also makes one healthier. With that alone, I'm sticking to what I have started. Hopefully in the months to come, I'll be able to 'brag' that I finally did it. Fingers crossed...


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