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One feature of our current house that my husband misses is a fireplace. Our former house has one and he specifically had it built when that house was under construction. As much as he loves to also have a fireplace here, it wasn’t part of the layout. We could probably had it added but with all the problems we’ve had just having it built, we didn’t want to rock the boat when things started happening. Anyway, we still have plans in having a fireplace. We just have to decide where and when we want it put. It may be in the house or it may be an outdoor fireplace. In the old house, we had it in the den. We used duraflame for that one. But for the one we’re planning in having in this house, we’re thinking maybe we can have one for Gas Logs. We’re also going with Vented Gas Logs this time because hubby likes the fact that they burn much like real wood fire and he likes the ambience that real firewood gives.

I personally don’t know much about Gas Logs so I’ve been reading the Gas Logs FAQs at Hansen Wholesale website because it covers all the information that someone like me needs to know about Fireplace Gas Logs. This site does not only have all valuable information I should know about gas logs but it also sells one of the most sought after Peterson gas logs. How I wish we have the fireplace already because the site is currently offering a $75 off on all their gas logs as well as free shipping. That’s quite a deal which we can all use especially during this time where nothing is free or cheap anymore. But we may not be able to avail of that deal right now but I’m going to bookmark the site for future reference and hope that they run the same promotion down the road so we can enjoy R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs ourselves once our fireplace is built.


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