Golden Idea

When I was still teaching in Taiwan, one of the very popular thing to do for overseas worker like me was to buy as much gold as possible. Most of the jewelry that I got are 24-karat gold so they’re quite soft and easy to break like a couple of bracelets that I used to wear all the time. During the time I was there the only gold I was able to buy were pieces of jewelry because they were quite expensive considering their karats. I would have loved to buy gold bullion but I don’t think it was within my budget. Aside from that I don’t think I would feel safe traveling with a gold bullion in my suitcase.

Anyway, going back to my broken bracelets…I wanted to have them repaired so I can wear them again. The husband said that it may not be a good idea to do that since they’ll break again anyway. I actually agree since they’re really soft. He said we can either have them melted and turn them into a gold nugget and make it into a pendant or maybe exchange them with other pieces of jewelry that don't break as easily. I’m seriously considering just having them melted and turn them into a nugget or maybe a small bullion? LOL…maybe not. Or maybe I’ll just sell them since the price of gold is quite high now then I’ll turn around and buy bullion myself for investment. Now…that’s a golden idea…


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