Half-Awake Nap = Headache

I felt a little sleepy a while ago so I decided to take a nap. Wrong move. I was half-awake the whole time but my eyelids were so 'heavy' I didn't want to get up so kept trying. I finally gave up trying after, maybe 20 minutes [or more]. As soon as I got up, I felt the dull pain on the back of my head. Before I know, it's a full blown headache. Ugh! Hopefully the 2 Tylenol I just took will do the trick. It's too early to go to bed and too late to take another nap...LOL.

Anyway...the weekend is almost over again. We had a pretty productive weekend...well, the hubby did actually. Yesterday, he was able to mow the yard so everything is all evened out now then put some weed kller afterwards. Today, he cleaned the glass windows on the outside. Good boy, eh? LOL...Me? I did my usual stuff, clean here inside the house. The little one did her weekly chore and cleaned her bathroom. Oh...we also baked some peanut butter cookies. Want some?


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