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Not too many people I know can tell you where to find Chicago Blackhawks Tickets or even New York Rangers Tickets. The reason for this is simple…I don’t know a lot of people who follow hockey, unfortunately. I think in my 10 years here in the US, I’ve only come across one person who actually watches this game on TV on a regular basis. That’s just the reality around here. Majority of the people would rather watch football, baseball or basketball. But that doesn’t mean I know nothing about hockey myself. I may not watch or follow this sport regularly now but I used to know [I still know him actually, I just haven’t had any contact with him in a while] someone who is a big fan of hockey. We became fast friends when we were teaching in the same school in the late 90s and he was the one who introduced the game to me. Can you guess where he’s from? Yep, Canada…which makes him a Canadian, eh? Ha!

I’m pretty sure that if ever I get in touch with this friend of mine and ask him where to find Calgary Flames Tickets, Boston Bruins Tickets or even Anaheim Ducks Tickets he will be able to point exactly where to get them. He’s that big of a fan of the game. He used to teach PE or Physical Education when we were working in the same school and he incorporated ‘floor hockey’ in his lessons. There’s no snow or ice in Taiwan that’s why so they used roller blades instead of ice skates and the basketball court as their ‘rink’ instead of an ice rink. It was fun watching them actually. My friend had a lot of fun teaching those kids the game even if they weren’t playing on real ice. This friend wanted really badly to introduce this game in Asia but came up short because he didn’t have enough people to back him up financially. He had to shelve that project indefinitely but I’m hoping it will become a reality someday because I know it means a lot to him.


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