I have always been a homebody. When I say that, I truly mean it. Many people that don’t know me just don’t get that about me…well some don’t understand how I do it actually. An example….when I went to teach overseas my co-teacher who was also my landlady at that time would phone those that she knew were close to me at school so they could convince me to go out. She thought it’s unusual for a single woman like me to be cooped up in my room on the weekends instead of being out partying just like some of my former co-teachers there who were single. I had to explain to her, I’m just like that. I told her I was perfectly happy having Satellite TV at home so I could watch all the shows I want on days when I don’t have to think of work. She finally got it after almost one year of having me in her house and just let me be after that.

Anyway, when I got here my husband’s family also started wondering how I could just stay home when he’s working. Hubby knew from the start that I was fine being home so he made sure Direct TV was hooked up when I got here. His family didn’t know me well so during the first few months I was left home alone I would get call from them asking if I wanted to go somewhere. I tried to decline as politely as possible although there were times I’d feel like I was being anti-social since they’re going out of their way but that’s the way it was. After a while they started to understand that I am just really fine being home. They even joke now that I am not really anti-social, I am just a Satellite TV addict. Maybe, maybe not.


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