Killing Time


If yesterday was a slow day for me, today is even slower. I haven’t done much work because work is not available. I’m tired of checking the social network sites because that’s all I’ve been doing since yesterday. To kills time I thought I’d browse my favorite shopping sites online but there’s nothing much that looks interesting enough for me to keep browsing...for now anyway since I’m still waiting for a certain product to be available. So in the meantime I decided to look for a laptop bag. We don’t really need it right now but I thought I’d look anyway since we will need it IF our plan for a trip pushes through. I still have my old laptop bag but it’s an odd size. It’s too small for this laptop but too big for the other one so we really need to look for one.

The old laptop bag I have actually came with the old laptop so I never really shopped for one before. I am quite overwhelmed with all the available bags for laptops. I’m not sure now if I should go with just a laptop bag or get one that is a laptop messenger bag instead. There’s definitely a difference in price [at least with those I’m looking at] but it may be worth it to go with the latter since we can still use it as just a bag. Also, hubby mentioned he needs a bag for his organizer when he travels for business so this will serve the purpose. My only problem is…when should I get it? Should I wait until we’re sure about the trip or get it now? Decisions…decisions…


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