Lost Another...


Tooth! The little one's, of course.

The tooth fairy is just reeling from all the money coming out of her fairy pocket because the little one has been losing her teeth like crazy. In the last month, she lost all her premolars...I think that's what they are anyway. Unlike before, Mommy didn't have to pull them because she can pull them herself now. I still remember the time when I had to pull one [or was it two] of her front teeth 'accidentally' because she won't pull them herself. Now she decides when she wants them out...LOL.

Time is really flying fast. I can just tell with all these teeth falling off her mouth. Her baby teeth are going one at a time...quite fast if you ask me. Those teeth are the only 'baby' part of her...and now almost all of them are gone as well. Sigh...I guess there's just no stopping her from becoming a young adult, eh?


Ciela said…
Young adult na nga si E! Talagang sobrang bilis ng panahon! Magugulat ka na lang one day, may boyfriend na sya! How would you feel about that? Ha ha.it's not too far from now Huling! Kaya ready yourself now!
J said…
kung tayo nga hindi mapigilan ang pagtanda eh hahaha. as Tita B wrote ihanda mo ang sarili sa mas maraming changes.

ang weather dito ganun pa rin. in fact, bukas heavy rain and strong winds daw at ito ay dahil nalihis ang snow. I guess, it's actually a better deal kesa may clean up ng snow later.

hey Tuks, ask ko lang, yung mga sites ng mga mobile homes dyan sa Florida malayo ba usually? di ba normally they are located in a dedicated area? hindi pa kasi kami nakakita/nakapunta on one. may matagal ng offer to sell kay F ng former colleague niya who owns one and moved back to England. ngayon,with my condition mas lalong nagiging attractive na may place kami sa FL for winter time. ewan ko lang ba kung ok lang ang mobile home. any inputs?

enjoy your warm sunshiny weather. nakakainggit naman kayo. have a great weekend na din.

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