New Printer or New Ink?

That is the million dollar question!! Some 3 years ago, we opted to get new printer instead of new ink. Reason being...we wanted to have the 4-in-1 feature...copier, fax, scanner, printer combo. But that's NOT the only reason, the price of the ink for our older printer got ridiculously high since it's an older model. Well, guess what? It seems that's a trend. The ink for our 4 in 1 printer is starting to get really expensive now that we're seriously considering getting a new wireless printer. We already looked around for one a couple of months ago but the wireless printers are still way out of our budget...for now. In the meantime, we've started to look for cheap printer ink. We decided that we should save first unil we're able to afford the wireless printer that we want or wait until it's within our price range. Hopefully, it won't take very long.

Looking for cheap ink cartridges is not an easy task though. One thing we learned as we were looking for it, we cannot find anything cheap in our local store...especially not printer ink. I think we spent 2 separate days going around and we didn't find much difference in the prices from store to store. Our last resort is of course to go online and do some search. Fortunately we found some cheap ink for printers in one website. Hopefully the money that we'll save will be enough to buy as that wireless printer we want in a few months.


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