Research is the Key

In a few days, my nephew will taking one of the most important test of his life...medical board exam. I spoke with him about a month ago and he seemed confident and ready. I told him not be overly confident because anything can happen during exams...and he understood, of course. He's only complaint at that time...he's oldest problem...acne! Of all my nephews and nieces, he is the only suffering from acne. I think it started even before he started high school and it's been an ongoing saga for him. He tried every cream he could get his hands own but nothing really worked for him. He was this close in trying accutane but I asked him to research first before taking it. He did and he found one Accuntane Lawsuit after another so he decided against it.

I feel bad about him and the others who have to go through this phase, which for him is no longer a phase if you ask me. But I feel a lot worse for those who used accutane and got some even worse problem afterwards. I cannot imagine how devastating it must be for those people thinking they're being cured of acne only realizing later on they're on for a much bigger problem. I just hope that people do their research before taking any medication. Because no matter how good they advertise something, there is always that possibility that they are not telling us everything we need to know.
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