Soggy Weekend


...for the most part of it anyway but were able to go out for an hour or so and headed to the Phil. store to pick up some smoked milkfish. Remember my post about rellenong bangus & this smoked fish a few weeks ago? Well, the verdict came in just a day or so after we got them...I just didn't have the chance to blog about it. The stuffed milk fish [rellenong bangus] wasn't bad but it didn't pass the taste test. One of the ingredients I don't like in a rellenong bangus is the raisins. It makes it too sweet for my taste...and the one I got from the store had raisins...and plenty of it. The flavor of the 'relleno' is still there and it tasted fresh so that's good...but I couldn't get past the 'sweetness'. This is why I decided not to get another one.

The smoked fish [tinapa in Tagalog] on the other hand was a big hit to the hubby. The little one didn't rave about it but she ate a few bites. I didn't fry the fish...instead I baked it and it came out great. I was afraid that if I fry it, the smell will be all over the house that's why I baked it...and it worked! No smell whatsoever. As a result of the 'hit' smoked fish, I got 3 more bags last weekend. We already ate one bag so I still have 2 more left. Should I share it or not...that IS the question!


J said…
I do the same thing with smoked fish. ang tagal nga kasing mawala ang amoy kahit pa may hood at air purifier. try mo rin smoked salmon, F loves the salmon bellies na smoked baka magustuhan din ni M.

kung soggy sa inyo, kami dito sobrang gina. grabe talaga ang winter this year.

take care and have a great weekend in advance.
Ciela said…
As for me here, I don't bake the tinapa but fry the usual way. No one complains here of the smell anyway. he he..

Iba-iba ang weather natin! Summer is coming out here now! Ang saya!

Have a great Thursday!

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