Unending Search


One of the things that kinda' shocked me when I first moved here in this country was the 'vicious cycle of bills'. Yep, I call it vicious because as soon as your done paying the monthly bills, you're practically broke. I never experienced that before. My monthly bill back then was just rent, phone/internet & electricity. Yes I would also be broke more often than not but that's because I would sometimes go on a shopping spree...LOL. Now, no shopping spree but we're broke. Ha! Anyway, a big chunk of our income goes to something I never paid for before ... insurance ... specifically car, health & home insurance. We have no choice because they are vital to us in this country. It has become something like a habit already that when any of those insurance needs renewed, we'd go searching for better deals in places like cheapestautoinsurance.net. It's the only way we can save sometimes. If we can find something cheaper & better, then we switch. If not, then we stay with whatever we have. It's an unending search but sometimes, it's worth it...


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