What A Great News....


I can now say I have a nephew who is a doctor! Yep, one of my nephews just passed the recent medical board exams and is now a certified physician. Guess what he's doing now? Writing a thesis for his Special Education masters degree. I called him earlier to congratulate him and he was busy writing so he can finish his paper before he goes to his first duty next week. Ha! He is of course over the moon passing the exam but I know someone who is over the moon and beyond....my brother! It's always been his dream to have a child who is a doctor and now it's a reality.

I haven't talked to my brother yet after hearing about this good news but I talked to his wife, my sister in law earlier. I told her my brother can now think about retirement since he is done sending his son to school. But my brother has no plans of slowing down. He is currently looking at different online degree programs because he wants to go back to school. He has a few years left in his current job before he retires. After that, he is thinking of either teaching part-time or work as a consultant. I'm glad to hear that since I know that being idle is not always the best thing for somebody. So when I talk to him, I'd definitely tell him to go for it!


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