With Age...Comes [Extra] Poundage?

I have this really good friend of mine who I was with during the years when first started teaching. This friend and I used to have the same problem…we were stick thin. We could eat anything and everything from sweets to carbohydrates to fats and the weighing scale wouldn’t budge one iota. There was even this time when we were both bridesmaid to a friend’s wedding. Some of the other women in the entourage were starving themselves to fit in their dresses while we were stuffing everything in our mouth because we looked like sticks in long dresses and let me tell you…it wasn’t very pretty. Anyway, that was then. Now, my friend has been talking about taking diet pills. Yep, just like me, my friend has gained some weight as well. What can I say…with age, comes extra poundage. LOL.

Anyway, I haven’t tried any diet pills myself so I can’t really tell her which ones to take. I’ve been trying to lose the weight the old fashion way and that’s sweating it out. It’s very challenging to do it because I’m not really used to it but I have to do it or I’ll just continue in getting bigger if I don’t. Luckily, my work time is very flexible unlike my friend. She has a regular job plus a part-time job. Sometimes she’s even working on the weekend. This is why she’s considering pills instead. All I can do is to refer her to some sites that list the best diet pills around. All she has to do is to read through the reviews and make her choice from there. I can hope that we’ll both be successful in our quest to go back to our original ‘shape’….LOL.


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