Within Reach...

The weekend of course!

I have been a bit stressed for no apparent reason...well, there is a reason, it's just not enough to be stressed about. Does that even make sense? I'm trying to forget about it but not hearing from people that I emailed about it is making it bigger than it is. I have to meet a deadline and their reply would really make a difference...but so far...NADA! I think I sent 3 emails already and I none of them has been answered. Ugh! That's the problem with working online...issues have to be resolved, well, online. No face to face resolution. I'm at their mercy when it comes to resolving whatever it is that needs resolved. Not fun at all...but it come with the territory so I have no choice. 'Nuff said.

We have no plans for the weekend...well, not for Saturday anyway. Sunday is BOOKED! It's the Superbowl weekend so there is no way the husband is going anywhere because of it. One of the teams he's rooting for - Green Bay Packers - is playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers so this would interesting. I'm not rooting for any of them so I'd probably sit this one out. I may just spend sometime on Sunday going back to my old hobby....WEEDING! LOL. My most hated weed has been overtaking the backyard since I stopped doing it and I think it's high time to take the challenge and TERMINATE these pesky weeds once again...well, only one them anyway. Ha!


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