"7 Year Itch" No More?

That's according to a study anyway. So what happened to it? It's been replaced by the '3-year glitch'. Yep, the test of time in married couple has just been shortened by more than 50%. Is life that complicated now? I guess people are less forgiving now? According to the study things like weight gain, stinginess and nail clippings are only 3 of the reason why some couples hit this glitch. Nail clippings....really???

Anyhoooo...only 2,000 couples were subjected to this study so it's a very small fraction of real life couples. Still...it's bothersome to note that something like this is now in existence. Well, it's probably been happening and this study just put it out in the open. Maybe it's important to note that the people involved in this studies are all adults so we cannot really blame age as a reason for the 'glitch'.

from: Yahoo.com


Ciela said…
What? It's no longer 7 but 3? I think there's little truth to it, pero sa mga celebrities lang! Or sa mga super young couples na walang muang sa mga pinag-gagagawa nila! Lol! Nail-clipping as one of the reason for split up? Me ganung factor? Lol!Parang laro lang ang pag-aasawa eh!

Bye for now. Meryenda muna tayo Huling. ..lucky me pancit canton and hot pandesal. he he..


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