Another Week...


....and it's a bit me anyway. It's in the low 50s right now but it was lower earlier. I guess I got spoiled rotten with the temperatures last week. At this time last week, it was already in the high 60s to the lower 70s so I'm suddenly feeling cold. Boohoo me.... Anyway, it won't stay like this for long because we will be hitting the 80s in the middle of the week so all's good, eh?

I tried to start my week right by going into the elliptical first thing in the morning. It's a lot easier to do it first thing in the morning. If I am not able to do it in the morning, I would usually spend the whole day wondering what time I can do it. I'm not obssessed with it. I just want to be consistent and make sure I don't go back to my old habit of starting something and NOT following up with it. Mind you, it's VERY EASY to get off track when it's exercising we're talking about. Not too many people are crazy about it...and I'm one of those people. But I'm trying...and I'm happy to far, so good.


Ciela said…
Tama ka Huling! It's really hard to be consistent when it comes to exercising! Na-bull's eye yata ako dun. Lol! Medyo inagiw na kasi yung aking DVD work out. Ilang weeks na rin akong di nagpapagpag! Buti ka pa consistent!

Keep up the good work! Na-inspire mo 'ko! Will definitely work on it again first thing tomorrow. Gaya-gaya man, in a good way naman. O di ba?! Thanks Huling. TC!

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