Chilly TGIF!

We almost hit below freezing...but we didn't. It's still pretty cold though so I'm back in my sweats again. It's good thing I haven't put them away or I'll be shaking like a leaf...or I'd probably would have dug them out. So far the weather forecast have been pretty accurate. Yesterday and the day before, it rained as predicted. As a result, the people who were supposed to put the gutters around the house had to postpone their appointments with us twice already which means I also need to postpone getting the window flower boxes I've been eyeing at one of the garden stores around here. The gutter people were supposed to come today but it's not happening so they're coming tomorrow which was the day hubby wanted to come anyway so he can be around while they work. If not, they I'll be forced to kinda' keep an eye on what they're doing...which I have no clue whatsoever.

Anyway, because of my not so successful gardening last year, this year I've decided to go with window boxes planters to put around the front part of the house instead of trying to grow them myself. They will mostly be flower planters which the little one herself picked when we were at the garden store last time. She likes the colorful little flowers and we think they'll look good. We wanted to get them last year actually but because we didn't have the gutters yet and because I wanted to try my hand in growing flower seeds, we decided not to. Well, now that I know better, I'll have a ball just going around the store picking garden window boxes with pretty blossoms on them.

As for my's not a lost cause actually. Hubby wants to 'join forces' and start a vegetable garden in the backyard. This time it won't just be 'potted/boxed vegetable' would be a real one. Exciting....


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