Credit Card Education...

There should be some kind of a course or subject in high school with that title to educate us on the ins and outs of credit cards.

In the last several months, I’ve been getting several applications for credit cards in the mail. I have no idea what brought this on but I don’t really pay much attention to them anymore but it’s good to be getting those invitations in the mail, eh? The little one has fun collecting the cardboard cards that come with the mails and she has them stashed in a box in her bedroom with a couple of them ending in her purse. She knows they’re not real but she likes the idea of having a couple of them in her wallet anyway. I’m starting to worry that she may be one of those who will be maxing out a credit card when she’s of age already to have one. I sure hope not. This is why as early as now, we’re already trying to educate her with the pros and cons of owning a credit card.

Anyway, I never really wanted to have a credit card myself but I know that I had to have credit cards in my name to build my credit history for future use. So after a year or two of not having one, I decided to take the plunge. But before I got mine, I read some credit card reviews so I can make an informed decision when choosing. There’s quite a few to choose from and they seem to offer the same things so aside from reading reviews about credit cards like the chase credit cards, I also had to make sure I read the fine prints of each offer. Sadly, the catch of most of these cards are usually not easily found because they're usually buried in those itty bitty prints found that not many people bother to read. Boring at it is, I try not to fall prey into that habit.


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