Cutting Corners

That seems to be the trend now since everything is getting more and more expensive everyday. The most obvious of course is the gas price that’s been going up like crazy in the last month or so. But before this crazy price hike in gas, we’ve been noticing a steady increase in everything from groceries to the energy bill. I can somehow control the grocery bill since I can either go generic or choose whatever is on sale but I can’t say the same with our electric bill. We can try turning off the heat or air but I don’t think that will fare well with the people in our house. Maybe I should have someone do a free home energy audit here in our house. According to it’s possible to save as much as 40% in energy bill every month.

So where does the savings come from? Apparently, a lot of air escapes the house and the home energy audit will determine which parts of the house the air escapes from the most like the attic. The insulation is also a major factor in some houses but our house is only a few years old so I’m pretty sure the insulation is not the culprit as of yet. Still our energy bill is still high I think so I think I should go ahead and contact the local company the does this free home energy audit to find out what's causing our high energy bill every month.


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