Decorating Challenges


One question I am asked quite regularly especially by old friends is if I miss teaching or not. Of course I do. I like everything about teaching and almost everything that goes with it. Besides the obvious ~ classroom teaching ~ I liked writing lesson plans, computing grades, making tests, participating in school activities, etc. I said ‘almost everything’ because there is something about being a teacher I am not really crazy about…decorating the classroom. It’s part of being teacher unfortunately. I didn’t have to come up with something extra-ordinary as simple decorations would have been fine but I just never really knew what to put on those enclosed cork bulletin boards in the classroom but the word: WELCOME! Seriously. Sometimes I’d put pictures but that’s about it. I could never come up with anything creative unless some co-teachers took pity on me and would help me with it. Yep, that’s how creative I am. Not!

Anyway, the classroom was not the only place with enclosed bulletin boards to be spiffed up on a regular basis in a school. If remember it right, almost every other month [or was it every month] we would have to take down whatever was on the bulletin boards around the school to replace it with something new, preferably with whatever was being celebrated like foundation day. Luckily, we would work in groups when we had to work on the different enclosed fabric bulletin boards found in almost every corner of the school or the school would have had very dull & unexciting bulletin boards.


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