Early Riser

I used to be an early riser....for work. Now, I wake up between 7 & 8 in the morning on weekdays and a little bit later on weekends. One thing is certain though...I can't go past 10 no matter how hard I try AND even if I'm left in peace [read: no little voice calling 'Mom?']

The little one on the other hand has always been an early riser...by choice. She rather hates it when she oversleeps or if I get up ahead of her. I guess this is also the reason why it's very easy to wake her up. She doesn't fuss about it all.

Anyway, because of the 'spring forward' change in time, she has been waking up 'later' than usual. She knew about the change of time but only thought about it much this week. Her solution so she won't wake up late anymore: an ALARM CLOCK! She asked Dad to set up the alarm clock in her bedroom at 7 so she'd wake up at that time. Odd, eh? But I'm sure glad she likes to be awake early. At least I won't have to take it upon myself to rouse her from deep slumber.


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