Going at it...Finally!

Whether I like it or not, the day will come when I will have to face the reality because I know I won’t be able to run away from it forever. What reality am I talking about? One word: DRIVING. Yes, I’ve come to terms with the fact that one day I’ll be visiting an auto shop all by myself to have my car serviced. I should probably familiarize myself with places like the San Diego auto repair shop so I know where to go if ever I need help to check engine light just in case. Scared? Not really. Apprehensive…maybe. The pressure to finally go at it is not coming from anyone but myself. I know I can do it, I just have to actually do it. So…I will.

Once I decide to get out there and drive by myself, I’m thinking I want a car that I will feel safe to be in like the Ford F-150. Yes, it’s a man’s car. I probably don’t need that much power but I want to have a car that has that much power. A car that would make other cars stay out of the way while I’m out driving creating havoc…LOL. Seriously, I don’t want to drive an itty bitty car for the simple reason that accidents do happen and I don't wanna be visiting an auto shop every other day just because my itty bitty car just couldn't handle the pressure. God forbid it happens to me…but if ever I get into an accident I want a vehicle that won’t flip if it gets say, rear-ended. I want something that will stand its ground...and if that's a man's car...then so be it!


Anonymous said…
Dara!!! atyu kupa murin keni, ali ku pa menuli kasi makamal ing pamasahe. Mag file ku pang citizenship, then muli ku kaibat baka may or june.

Taksyapu ya ing asu ku, nung atyu ya pilipinas kanyan meging caldereta neh, mataba ya pa mu.

Komusta na ka ken? Siguro mapale na neh? keni marimla pa murin at saka mumuran makabuset.

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