Hula 'Hooping'

Eons ago, I actually planned in hula hooping my way to losing some weight. The little one wanted to learn how to use it so we got her [and me] hula hoops. I already know how to use one since it's one of [few] toys I had growing up. While I was 'teaching' her how to use one, I thought it's probably a good way to shed some pounds while having fun. Well, that didn't work. After the little one learned, I stopped using mine. Needless to say, my attempt to lose weight by hula hooping didn't work.

I still pick it up for fun every now and then but I may just use it more often now that I'm trying to go back into exercising regularly. I'm still doing the elliptical regularly but I want to change it up a little bit and the hula hoop may be a good alternate. I was thinking of getting the weighted hoops at first but I read it's better to use the lighter ones like the one I have since it takes more energy to keep it on your waist/hips. I just hope it will help trim the spare tire I have hanging around my waist. Toink!


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