It's Spring-ing Around Here!!!!'s definitely spring already. I just looked outside and saw that our bottlebrushes have flowers already....very red flowers. The blackberry bushes also have baby leaves coming out of their bald branches/stems already. Our majestic beauty is starting to look 'beautiful' again because its white and pink blossoms are starting to bloom. Nice!

The temperature is in the 70s going to the 80s later today. I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we start hitting the 90s around here though. It seems that this really nice spring weather only lasts for few weeks in the sunshine state. That's alright's still great to see life 'springing' out of the different plants we have around the yard. We'll probably head out to the store this weekend and start getting some plants we can plant on the flower beds in front of the house. We are also planning in starting a 'mobile' garden ~ mostly vegetables ~ very soon. I am hoping that will push through....

How about you? Is it spring-ing where you're at already????


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