It's Time....

I have a feeling it won’t be long before I finally start driving. Ha! Maybe in a year or two I’ll be cruising down the streets of Tampa Bay so you better watch out if you’re in the neighborhood. LOL. Anyway, if and when that happens we will be need another vehicle. Right now we only have the family car…a Chrysler Jeep SUV. Knowing the husband, I’m sure that the next car we will be getting will definitely be another Chrysler product like a Dodge Grand Caravan. Honestly, I don’t really have much input when it comes to what kind of car we will get simply because I know NOTHING about cars. Hubby has been driving all his life so I leave it all up to him even if he hates the fact that I don’t have any input. Oh well…

We bought our current car brand new. But for our next car we are thinking of getting a used car. It’s just practical at this time. Even if we’re not buying one yet, we’ve been checking out used cars in Tampa just for preparations. Since I know nothing about cars, everytime we go looking around at used cars, I just comment on how pretty it looks just like the Chrysler Sebring I saw in the lot of a used car dealer in Tampa. That’s all the input I can make so I use it…haha. Seriously though, if ever I start driving by myself I want a vehicle that’s big enough to make me feel safer while I’m out on the street. I actually wouldn’t mind checking out used trucks just to see what’s out there.

I cannot believe I’m actually talking about cars…and me driving one. But it has to happen sometime, right? I guess it’s that time….


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