Laid Back Sunday


Not much going on around today. The weather outside is perfect if I may say so. We're all lazy to go out so we're just laying around. The father & daughter tandem just finished watching some 3 stooges episodes on the little one's computer while I was busy browsing the internet...of course. I browsed the news first and read that the unemployment rate went down quite a bit recently. That's good news of course. Of course it's not really safe to say that the economy is getting any better...not unless we see people actually working.

Our local news channels here always advertise about local jobs but they always have this little friendly reminder to those who are still looking for jobs that if they're looking for high paying ones like management jobs, then they may be disappointed. Not many companies are hiring for such high up on the ladder jobs right now although some still do. They're just making the job seekers around here that most of the jobs available are either entry level or something that does not pay as much. Still, it's a job....and it's better than nothing.


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