Limited Space


One of the things that I'm not really thrilled about our current place is the limited space in the kitchen. Actually, there's limited space everywhere since it's not really a big house but this is especially felt by me in the kitchen since I'm in there majority as it my 'domain' to speak. There are not enough cup boards for everything so every one of them is overflowing with something. I also have to mix stuff in a cup board sometimes because of space issues. The pots for example...they're everywhere and I don't even have a lot of them...yet. I so want to get an enclume pot rack to help me organize my pots but even for the hanging enclume pot racks I don't seem to have any space.

Having a kitchen renovation is not feasible right now since we don't have the budget for it so we have to find a way to somehow make it more spacious without actually renovating or extending it. We have this little corner at the end of one of the counters [where we have the trash can right now] and hubby thinks it's a good space to probably put some kind of a cabinet. I kinda' like the idea since it's like a wasted space for now. Hopefully we can do by mid-year then I can probably start ordering some hanging [or even free standing] enclume potracks ASAP. I need to get my pots in order or I will go 'nuts'!


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