New Wardrobe...Again

Not for me but for the little one. I think it was just a few weeks ago when I got her some new clothes and they're already worn out and starting to be a size too small for her. She's definitely growing like a weed and there's nothing much I can do about it but be happy that she's at least growing healthy.

Now, that's just clothes I'm talking about. Her shoes...that's entirely a different saga on its own. Last time we bought her shoes, we got her 2 pairs. One pair were my size [because we SUDDENLY have the same size of shoes]. For the other pair, we got her one size bigger, just in case. Guess what...I suddenly find myself with a new pair of sneakers...brand new because she didn't even get the chance to wear them before she outgrew them. Do they sell adjustable shoes - in size - that is? I think we may have to resort to those if ever they exist.

Since I don't want her walking around in clothes a size too small for her, I again ordered some online and they'll be here by next week. I'm sure I'll be looking for new ones again in a few weeks. Can somebody give me a loan?


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