Not Fun

One of the not so fun part of growing up is acne. I didn't have a lot of them but from the way it looks, the little one will probably have them. The Dad still gets them ~ break-outs ~ whenever he's stressed out so I guess the little takes after him in that aspect. We started noticing those little bumps on her forehead last year so we got her really mild acne treatment to see if that will work. It works but she still gets the little bumps every now and then. I already got her some facial wash to make sure her face stays clean all the time. I also ask her to put on that cream as soon as she sees the little bumps on her forehead. This is the last thing I need right now...another reminder that she's indeed almost on that stage that most parents dread....the teen stage! Ugh! Can somebody please wake me??? Has it really been that long since I gave birth to her??? It can't be!


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