Perpetual Student

It’s now almost a month since my nephew passed the medical board exams back home. The days [maybe even weeks] after learning that he passed were filled with celebrations amongst friends and family. He was on cloud nine needless to say but he had to come down from that cloud start working. Fortunately, he didn’t have to look for a job because it came looking for him. He now works for 2 hospitals. He is also looking into a medical interview course and some consultant interview courses as well. Apparently he doesn’t want to be ‘just’ a doctor. He said he wants to do more.

What could that mean? He still wants to be a doctor but he’s also thinking of becoming a consultant in the future. Aside from that he’s also planning to become a doctor teacher [or should it a teacher doctor?] someday and use what he has learned in his master’s degree in special education. Although a teach the teacher course for doctors will probably more helpful to him since it focuses in training doctors to become teachers. Although medical management courses may also be helpful to him since he needs to learn how to manage his time more efficiently if he's planning in taking on all these other careers beside being 'just a doctor'. Honestly I don’t know where he’s getting all his energy. It seems like all he’s been doing is study. I thought he’d at least take a couple of years off from schooling and just work for now but I guess I may be mistaken. Talk about being a perpetual student, eh?


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