Quality Work...

Sad to say...it's very hard to find that now. Of course if quality work is hard to come by, quality workers are also nowhere to be found.

We've finally had the gutters installed this weekend. I like the way they look but some of the work they did was sloppy. For one, a spout was left laying on the driveway. Yes, it's on the side but it sure looks like a 'sore thumb' sticking out....and that's coming from me who doesn't know much about these things. If that didn't work for me, how much more for the man of the house. He of course told the people that installed them before they left. The response: That's how we always do them. Really? He just said that if ever we have any problem with it then we just let them know. Toink! Talk about QUALITY WORK, eh? Well, the husband wouldn't wait for a problem to happen so he went ahead and fixed it the way he wants it...and now it's fixed. No more spout sticking out on our driveway.

The guys didn't finish installing by the way so they're here right now. I saw them standing on our driveway staring at what my husband did. LOL...it's like they're in shock actually. Anyway, I can hear them working at the back. I hope they don't break anything or else....

I'm not sure how they're paid but I'm guessing by the hour because they're taking their sweet old time doing their job. There's 3 of them and I see one guy at a time going back to the truck to pick up a PIECE, yes, 1 small piece of tool, then he'd walk back to the back of the house at a pace similar to a beauty pageant. Seriously! After a few minutes, another one will go to their truck and pick up another piece of tool. Ithink they've done it 5 times already since they've been here...and they've only been here for less than an hour. Hmmm....I feel like saying: YOU'RE FIRED! But they don't work for me...they work for the gutter company.


Ciela said…
Naku, buti pa kayo dyan, you don't deal with the workers but the company instead. Hirap talaga pag may inaayos sa bahay. At least ikaw, M is there to supervise. Nakoh, kung dito... problemang malaki ko yan! he he..

Tapos na ba ang gutter? I'm sure maayos ang gawa nyan kasi well supervised sila ni M!

Almost midweek na. Lapit na ulit weekend. Excited na! Enjoy your Wednesday Huling!

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