Reading The Walking Dead comics

I haven't really read any comic since I was in middle school, but when I watched the show The Walking Dead and loved it so much, I thought that maybe I should try and check out the comics that the show's based upon. The show's just so great anyway and I really grew attached to it even though it was a very short season.

A few weeks ago I thought that I could go ahead and look up the comics so that I could put my money where my mouth is and enjoy them before the second season begins. I used my Clear Wireless Internet to order a book of so many of the first comics that were put together and can't wait for it to get to my house.

Part of me wishes that it was just a graphic novel like Watchmen so I could read it all in one weekend and spend a whole lot less on the matter. But I'm interested to see what kind of details the comics have in comparison to the TV series.

Guest post written by Justin Wagoner


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