The "Rings"

These are the rings that the little one wears everyday. There is no given day that she's not wearing all of them. The rings are plastic and fashion jewelry. It's definitely NOT my influence because I don't wear such big pieces. As a matter of fact, I'm quite the opposite. I dress 'down' as much as possible. The only rings that are always on my fingers are my wedding and engagement rings on my left ring finger and an eternity ring on my right ring finger.

It's just amusing how different she is from me when it comes to 'dressing' or style. She likes bold stuff. We even asked her one time if she will ask her future boyfriend for an engagement ring similar to her big pink fashion ring. Her answer...she won't ask him....she'll just SHOW him. Tada!!! I guess we don't need to scare boys away from her...I think she can do that by just flashing them her 'taste' of jewelry....


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