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The little one’s birthday is coming up really soon. We asked her what she wants for her birthday and all she could tell us is this toy grabber she saw in one of the budget stores we went to a couple of months. So in between looking at some Miami used cars online, I’ve also been searching for that little toy she’s wishing for her birthday. At least her ‘wish’ is rather cheap. I’m sure one day she’ll be wishing for a much more expensive present like, maybe, a BMW 325 for her 16th birthday, maybe? Oh my! I cannot wait! Not! Seriously though, I think she will have an expensive taste when it comes to car because she really reacts when she sees those cool looking cars cruising along the road. A lot of times, she can even identify what kind of cars they are…which I can never do by the way. This is the reason why hubby says that she may even drive before I do. Very possible…LOL!

So why am I looking at some used cars anyway. Well, hubby is considering getting another vehicle some time. We’re planning in buying a used car instead of a new one for obvious reasons…economic downturn. He’s been looking during his spare time and I’m looking and reading used car blog whenever I feel like it. I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to cars so I try to read as much as I can [and blogs about cars have very information] so I can suggest what type of vehicle I want just in case I’m asked for my input. In the meantime, I better go back to my other task at hand…presents for the little one’s birthday. I don’t have much time left to search…ugh!


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