Security Concerns

When I was in college we had a professor who only worked part-time and that meant his classes were only conducted at night. I didn’t have a choice but to take his classes because it was one of my major subjects and I wouldn’t graduate if I didn’t take them. Our class ended at 9 PM and I had to take public transportation to go back to my dorm. Aside from the 20 minute commute, I also had to walk a dark stretch to get to my dorm. I was scared to say the least that I had to keep a pepper spray in my purse at all times. It was like that the whole semester and I couldn’t be happier when our class ended…and I passed in one piece.

Today I no longer have to commute late at night nor do I have to be out later than 6 PM. I am in the comfort of home where it’s safe. Or is it? We all like to believe that our home is a safe haven for us but the reality is it’s just not the case anymore. It’s sad but it’s a sad reality. Home invasions happen way too much I’m actually considering getting a stun gun for personal protection. Hubby is actually convincing me to consider getting a real gun instead but I’m not ready for that so I thought I’d go with the one that does not shoot bullets. Maybe one day…


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