Shoes =Temptation

I think I pretty much established here that I try not to buy shoes unless I feel I need them. I just don’t like it when I see something is left idle or unused. What’s the point, right? Having said that, I don’t deny the fact that I also love shoes and I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of tory burch shoes myself as long as I get them for the right reasons. What could be a right reason to get a pair of this yummylicious shoes? Hmm….special days maybe…like Monday or Tuesday? LOL…just kidding. Seriously, if the husband surprises me with a pair on my birthday then I wouldn’t say a peep…that’s a right reason. Ha! Maybe I should join and be member of the Shoe Inn club. Who knows he might get me a pair of those lovely shoes there on my birthday this year?

Now, it’s not easy to do what I do. Temptation is everywhere you know. Avoiding to buy a pair of shoes is like avoiding to breathe…LOL. But I get around it most of the time. I try not to go to places or sites where I’d come across old gringo boots or any other shoes that will make me drool and wanna’ buy a pair or two. Like I said, it’s not easy but I manage somehow. Whenever we go to the mall, I try to divert my attention so I won’t gravitate towards the shoe stores.

I’m not sure how long I can do that because the little one is already showing signs of being a shoe lover as early as now. In about a year [or even before that maybe], I’m sure she will be dragging me or Dad to shoe stores so she can grab a pair or two of new shoes every chance she gets. Hmm…maybe when that time comes, I’ll finally have an excuse to just grab a pair without really feeling guilty about it, eh? Maybe then I'll even join the Shoe Inn club. I heard club members get those special discounts on some lovely pairs of shoes....


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