Spring Forward 2011

That's tomorrow here. It means we're 'LOSING' an hour of sleep. Or maybe we can just call it...SLEEPING IN on a Sunday morning, eh?

I know it's going to take me about a week to get use to it. That's what happened last year. I hope it does not take that long this time. I've been trying to have some kind of a 'strict' schedule when it comes to my bedtime and so far it's been going well and I would hate to start over again.

Anyway, for those who are on these side of the world and are doing the 'spring forward' thing....don't forget to adjust your clocks before going to bed. That's what we do anyway since it's easier to remember and wake up to the 'new time'.


emz2010 said…
I am really sleepy today.:)I hope you add my links.


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