Absentee Godmother...

It’s been more than 10 years since I decided to quit one of the best jobs I’d probably have in my lifetime. It wasn’t just the job that I ‘left’ when I decided to quit but a whole bunch of people I consider friends and family. Fortunately, technology has kept us connected and updated with what’s happening in our lives even if we live on the opposite side of the world. At the time I left Taiwan, I just became the godmother to a friend’s little boy. He wasn’t even a year old when I left and in 2 weeks time, he’ll be 11 years old already. Sadly, we never really got to know each other and I’ve never really played the usual role a godparent plays…just being there. This is why I call myself an 'absentee godmother'. Can you tell I’m feeling a wee bit of guilt? I do actually but there’s not a lot I can do. To somehow make up for it, I’m thinking of getting him something for his upcoming birthday. I know he’s into paintball guns right now since it’s his brother’s latest favorite past time.

I told my friends [his parents] about my plans of surprising him with one for his birthday. They’re a bit hesitant at first to give me the go because he’s not allowed to join in the games yet. They think he is still too young to join but they know that it won’t be long before he’d join his big brother. But they gave in and told me to go ahead and get it for him. I still have not decided yet which of the tippman paintball guns I would get for him but I’m pretty sure that which ever one I choose will be a big hit to him…


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