All's Not Lost..

It’s now been more than a month since the gutters around the house were installed. They’ve also been tried and tested since then because it had rained quite a bit since then. So far they’re doing good because our flower beds didn’t get flooded during the heaviest downpour. Since having them installed, we also started working on our flower beds in front as well as the one on the back. The back is done already since we only had to put some pebbles on the beds. The ones in front need a lot of work still. We already have some plants on them but we need to plant a lot more and probably put some decorative stones as well. We went to the store the past few weekends to look for plants and it’s proving to be a hard task. I don’t know much about plants so I let hubby look for the ones he like. While hubby’s busy looking at plants, I’m also busy admiring some of the rain chains they have on display in the store. I was particularly taken by the one that would have looked great as a rain spout for our gutters. I didn’t even know they sell those until I saw them.

This week, I decided to check for chains rain online to see more of them. And I wasn't disappointed because there’s a whole bunch of them all shapes and sizes. As I was browsing on this one site, I couldn’t help but wish that I’d known about them early on especially the ones that could have been spouts for the gutters. I would have definitely chosen them instead of the boring white tubes we have right now since they’re definitely more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. But all’s not lost actually because I’m seeing a lot of rain chain accessories that I’m interested in getting as soon as we have the budget for it. Then maybe, just maybe...we can have the boring white tube replaced as well. But that would be quite a while down the road. I wonder if I would live to see them….hmm….


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