Another Appointment

It's actually an annual appointment with my ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, no good news...a little bit of a bad news so he wants to see me in 6 months instead of next year. My right eye is not doing well as far as its lid retraction is concerned. It retracted a little bit more since the last time I was there. My TED [thyroid eye disease] is not showing any sign of going into remission even if my thyroid problem is under control already.

Frustrating. I guess that sums up how I'm feeling about this whole ordeal. It's not a life threatening disease but the mere fact that the doctor can't really tell why it's happening [still, even if my thyroid problem goes away I CAN still have TED] leaves me feeling this way. He even said that even if I have my thyroid taken out, it wouldn't necessarily get rid of the TED. In other words... no treatment but to keep the eye lubricated with OTC eye drops. There has to be a reason why it's happening, right? But that's all a mystery for now. What can I do? Nothing but wait. In meantime, I asked to be prescribed with a new pair of glasses since I'm getting tired of switching between my regular one and the reading glasses I got in the store. He prescribed me a progressive pair. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick them up soon.

Happy Monday? Later maybe....


gah i haven't been here in forever na din. like you, di na rin ako masyado blog hop so bihira na din makadaan even on C's blog. i agree it's frustrating not to know what's causing something to happen, especially if it's health-related. we moms pa naman e walang karapatang magkasakit. hay. anyways, i hope that in your next check-up, ma-pinpoint na yung cause para maumpisahan na kung ano man ang treatment na kelangan *hugs*

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